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A small little update

15 Jun, 2022
A small little update.
We have furtherly been doing some development, and we are closer to an alpha now than we were a few weeks ago. That being said, it is not going to happen just yet.
Mainly because now we will begin with a proper advertisement campaign to accumulate a bigger population for this Alpha stage.
With the alpha stage, we would love to discover, uncover and or get to know the problems we will, or may face in the future. Thus we can properly adjust anything in-beforehand of said actual release. You will be able to access the game and all of its features, but we are not following any form of timeline. There will also be minimal events during this time and we will utilize this phase accordingly to find and fix issues.
Adjustments, this will be handed out wherever it is needed. However, we expect a lot of spells to change. Some will be added, some will be removed, others will have their entire or partial mechanics reworked. For now, we do not seek to add much/many custom spells. And that is because our general point of view of the game is to remain as blizzlike as possible. But if we do see a neccessity to add a spell from lets say future expansions. Then we shall discuss internally and accordingly present it to the community for a community vote.
I would like to highlight ideas-suggestions, This is a great way of letting us know what you want to see on the server. Perhaps a unique rare in a dungeon? Perhaps a mechanic adjustment? Perhaps a rebalancement of an item and its on-equip effect? There are so many things that could be adjusted. So if you know something on-top of your head. Please let us know! Thank you.
A feature coming to Avalon. It has been seen with previous and current classless servers. That you are able to choose a primary stat. This is kinda the case here as well. But in order to spice it up and give you the option to adjust your character MORE to your likings. And to of course open up a bunch of new build oppertunities, we've decided to allow you to not only choose a primary stat, but also a secondary stat. Meaning that yes. You can indeed choose Strength and Intellect. If you so desire and your build requires/needs it.
This is genuinely to open up for more diverse builds, we do not wish to gatekeep you behind certain METAs (undoubtfully it will happen to an extend. But lets push that extend further than others)
Other than that, please stay tuned for further information and announcements. They will be thrown at you in the coming weeks. 
- Avalon Staff