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Update announcement

20 Jun, 2022

Graphical Overhaul

We've more or less finalized the over-all work on the client-side and have now decided to shift our workforce dedicated to this purpose, over to other things. Such as in-game content, adjustments and or anything else that is required really. (We will still perform patch-work, just not within the graphics "department") - (And we have of course been working on multiple things, but this marks a finalization of the Graphical Update we wanted to conclude)
We've added graphical assets for up to nearly 4.5GB of data, now while many will find this unnecessary. We think that the adjustments and improvements to the graphical assets will over all improve the genuine feel of the game, I myself love Wrath but I hate its graphical assets. Its old, plain and I've seen it far too many times. We hunger for something more. And WoTLK Emulation can definitely provide such. So we're glad to can announce that you'll be seeing changes on a global scale. Such as improvements to: GUIs (Graphical User Interfaces), Environment, Creatures, Objects and so much more.
I'd like to point out, it has been firmly tested to ensure that performance has not been impacted in any way shape or form, you'll be seeing anywhere from 120-200fps (depending on your hardware and situation in the game). We have yet to see how all of this performs in terms of different scenarios (I.E a zone/area/tavern with a lot of players in it at once ETC). But as of right now, it is looking very promising. (adjustments may take place down the road to properly deal with situations as they arise).
It has also been noted that we will attempt to implement a "toggle-switch" for those who do not want these graphical assets to be active. Although, that part is unfortunately still in the planning. We face a series of issues in regards of creating a solution to this. Most likely we're looking at creating an entire new launcher that solves both this toggle-switch issue and to also add additional compatibility "out of the box, so to speak" for Linux Users. Stay tuned for that.


We have redesigned our website for the probably 5th time. However, we feel that we have hit a very nice sweet-spot. The website is now very modernized in terms of design and the layout promotes a very user-friendly-like experience. This is not a finalized product, but it is one we are going to continue building upon. The Website features just about everything we need and it is a very robust platform, even at this state.
However, you may and probably will see either minor or major changes take place on that platform constantly for the unforeseeable future. As always, we appreciated feedback and suggestions in regards of the Website and its features. (Do remember that we may or may not implement each and every suggested feature or adjustment. It is at the end of the day us who decide whether it is worth implementing now or not. And this is more or less always decided in terms of resource usage, even if we do not implement it today. There is nothing saying we cant implement it later. It may take a lot of time to "work in" the suggested change and thus we ask for time)

Classless UI/System

The Classless UI/System is something we've spent a lot of time on, both with practical and theoretical work. It has been a lot of back and forward with sketching, voice calls and screen-shares. You name it.. :)
in technical terms, I can disclose that the system was improved in terms of performance, especially with data handling and logic. And we had several bugs which have also been resolved. Majority of the back-end and front-end functionality was more or less rewritten and is considered to be in a much more robust state than what it previously was. We are still working on the system and sub-systems. We have reworked the entire design with a very modern look and "in my opinion" a revolutionary design, something that has never been done or in-fact seen before. So stay tuned for that, previews are coming.

Additional Custom Content

We can also announce that there will be additional content (custom content) within the realm of Avalon, as the stock vanilla content do not always provide enough gameplay. Thus we have been working very hard to creating new areas, spells and items for you to explore and journey through, with and for.
We have also planned to implement Mythic+ and Flex-Raiding, more information on that is coming at a later time.
It is also very important for us to can lay weight on that we always attempt to take a Blizz-like philosophy in regards to whenever we make content. We do not wish to create mediocre content, we wanna provide the most high-quality custom content that we possibly could create. We intensively work together and ask each and everyone in the staff about the content we create, we also share this content in-between us and we get a lot of feedback and critique on our work. Which has arguably resulted in hundreds of alterations on various implementations.
It is worth mentioning that this is probably one of the things that takes up most of the development time and is also why development takes so long. There are a lot of content we want to create, but there are also a lot of bits and small details we have to fulfill before we can finalize entire chain-links of work.
We are looking very forward to sharing this content and letting you dive into it though. Finalizing before Open Beta Open Beta is closer. And we have considered whether to have a lengthy Open Beta period or any other methods, and we have decided to host Open Beta Weekends instead of traditional Open Beta Lengthy Phases. Meaning the realm will become available on friday evenings (around 15-18:00 GMT+1) and close on the transitioning from Sundays to Mondays (00:00 GMT+1) (That being said, it is not happening this weekend, but this is to give you an idea on how our open beta is gonna look like, you'll hear more about this at a later time)

What is up next

We will continue to do what we have been doing, But we will now begin putting more time and energy into advertisement and further marketing. You can expect a new announcement in a month or so. I cant really give a specific estimation as of right now, but in around a month ish